My sketchbooks are filled with imaginary heads containing all the stuff one could possible think of.

Either as a warm-up exercise, to develop a new idea, or just to have fun for a while, I find myself making variations on the theme all the time.

I have anthologised hundreds of these drawings in the book 1000 Heads. You can see a preview here and get it from Lulu Publishing.

A selection of these peculiar heads, after scanning and cleaning up, were vectorised and published at Typephases as a collection of dingbat fonts called Capsbats (a set of 3 fonts) and Entestats (3 more fonts.)

In this blog I am collecting some these of heads with some further modifications and usually paired with some quote (be it related or not to the image.)

This collection of images is part self-entertainment, part concept visualization. I hope they are inspirational for you and make you think, hopefully sparking some new insight.

If you wish to create your own designs and illustrations with some of these peculiar heads, go on to MyFonts, where you can purchase the font sets containing all of these graphics.

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